Kana CV vb for UTAU

Hibiki Mai [PUBLIC]

Name: Hibiki Mai
Pronouns: She/They
Species: Humanoid Computer Virus
Age: 15-17
Height: 5'1.26 ft or 155.6 cm
Voice Provider: NachiTor/CosmoT0r
Otoing by- Quacc_
Picture by- kyara (キャラ) [@villainshia on twitter]
Food: Strawberry Pocky
Objects: Pink and blue megaphone with a face on it AND a cat plush that is half pink and half blue
Type of VB: Kana CV
Catchphrase: "Singular words are buggy at best. That's why you need to combine them."
Hibiki Mai is a sentient computer virus who saw one day how much chaos viruses like her caused. She wanted to break that trend in a sense by refusing to infect computers, and instead infect minds with earworms and looped chords. The way she found out about UTAU? It was on her programmer's computer, and she was wandering on the desktop one day. All of the sudden, she found the program and started messing around w/ it, eventually seeing it as a way to communicate with the world in a way they would understand her.
We can't wait to see what y'all make using her!
Have fun!